Mastodon Jones is a primitive furniture design and build company. Original pieces crafted from old Southern barns, gutted remodels in the neighborhood and Amish cut lumber. Simplistic design, and reclaimed materials make Mastodon Jones an affordable fix for your empty house or the need to crest the horizon and leave Ikea-land. Furniture your kids will fight over in your will.

Twenty years ago Mike cut his teeth in carpentry by first removing all the nails from a two story pile of wood demoed from the farm house his parents purchased in Oregon. The beginnings were meager: self commissioned skateboard ramps, rabbit cages and pet coffins. 

Now he's found himself somewhat back in the same place. Finding him pulling nails from wood recovered from local home tear downs, won't be uncommon. A large portion of the materials used in Mastodon furniture is from old Southern barns or gutted historical Nashville homes. Things have changed slightly. Now he turns this used wood into functional, primitive, one of a kind pieces of furniture.